Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yet More Reasons to be Thankful

An eight-month journey has finally come to an end: Today, I received my Provisional Teaching Certificate from the State of Michigan. It took (in my opinion) a lot longer than it should have taken, but I now have it in hand and can say so on my resume, etc. The certificate is good for six years, during which I am expected to complete 18 semester hours in an approved teacher preparation program; then I get the "Professional Teaching Certificate."

On Monday, I took my Final Exam in the H&R Block Tax Preparation course. I'm not guaranteeing a 100% on it, but I am confident that I will pass the course with ease. I have been led to believe that I can be optimistic about being hired for the coming spring tax season.

In the meantime, God is good, and our needs are met.

Oh, yeah: I hit a deer Monday evening (on the way to that final exam). No damage to me, but the car will need some (expensive) help. That's why I have insurance. More on this saga in a later post.

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