Sunday, October 26, 2014

Thoughts on Last Night's Penn State-Ohio State Game

Last night Penn State's football team, weakened by the past few years of scholarship reductions and the like, and following a dreary first half, came back and nearly had a huge upset of favorite Ohio State.  I watched the game on TV and had two primary thoughts.

1) Penn State has the best football fans in the college universe.  I've only ever been to two games in Happy Valley (one was a night game), so I know that there are a lot of fun-loving, friendly people who attend their football games.  But last night, the fans were raucous, fervent, and just plain LOUD all game long.  Even when the Nittany Lions were trailing by 17, the cheers were strong.

For this reason alone, I hope I can someday go to a night whiteout game.

2) The referees were a major factor in the game—and shouldn't have been.  There were two huge calls that favored Ohio State in the first half.  My wife claims there was a semi-bogus roughing the passer call in the second half (it was one of the rare moments when I wasn't watching, so I can't say) that kept a Penn State drive alive.  Even the coin toss to start overtime seemed to be ineptly handled. 

It's time to go out and prepare for next Saturday's game, team, so remember: We are...Penn State!!