Thursday, November 1, 2007

Substitute Teaching: Where I've Been

Some of you who know me realize that I have been generating some of my income these days from substitute teaching in the public schools of Van Buren County, Michigan. Today is my 15th sub assignment; I am using a computer during the planning hour at Mattawan Middle School today.

Here is where I have been so far:

  • Mattawan (6; 3 in HS, 3 in MS)
  • Gobles (3; 2 in HS, 1 in MS)
  • Paw Paw (2; 1 in HS, 1 in Elem. My next three scheduled assignments are all at PPHS)
  • Decatur (2; 1 in HS, 1 in Elem.)
  • Lawrence (1, HS)
  • Bloomingdale (1, HS)
I have not yet been to Lawton, the other school district in which I am qualified and enrolled to substitute.

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