Wednesday, November 28, 2007

God's Provision, 11/28/07 Edition

Yesterday an undesirable thing happened: Our internet service went away. Since we also have Vonage phone service, this meant our phone service dropped also. I was not very happy about this, of course, for two reasons:

  1. I use the internet to do online tutoring. Therefore, I missed all my scheduled time yesterday.
  2. I use the internet to schedule substitute teaching assignments. Since I did not have an assignment for today (11/28), I could not schedule one in advance for today, either.
So here I am, thinking that I would be out of work (and missing the corresponding income) for a full day, barring a phone call at the last minute. On top of this, I passed on a half-day teaching assignment for today, also; and I was regretting that.

So I prayed about it before getting a good night's sleep.

This morning the phone rang at about 5:56 a.m. I still don't know who called...but it meant the phone was working, and likewise, the internet probably was, too. So I jumped out of bed (I rarely jump out of bed anymore—it's more of a glacier-like motion) to turn on the computer. The internet is working! There are sub assignments—two good ones to choose from! The one I passed on was an elementary P.E. assignment which had a student teacher (I know this because I am subbing for her next week); and the other one was Honors Math classes at the one school that allows me internet access in the classroom...where I am right now!

The Lesson: God can take a lousy-looking situation and turn it around favorably. And for this, I thank Him.

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