Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Substitute Teaching: Thanksgiving Break Update

After two consecutive days in elementary schools (Monday in Mattawan, as the computer teacher; Tuesday at Pullman [34 miles away—a logistical faux pas] as the art teacher/title I teacher) I can now claim a total of four days' experience in that line of work. Last week: Five straight days of middle school. And "math" has finally overtaken "science" as the subject most "subbed."

Through Thanksgiving Break, here is where I have been [future scheduled assignments in brackets] so far:

  • Mattawan (11; 4 in HS, 6 in MS, 1 in Elem.) [1]
  • Paw Paw (5; 4 in HS, 1 in Elem.) [1]
  • Decatur (4; 1 in HS, 2 in MS, 1 in Elem.) [2]
  • Gobles (4; 3 in HS, 1 in MS)
  • Bloomingdale (3; 2 in HS, 1 in Elem.)
  • Lawrence (1, HS)
  • Howardsville Christian (2, HS)
I have not yet been to Lawton, the other school district in which I am qualified and enrolled to substitute.

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MKuehler said...

Well it sounds like you have been busy. I hope your week went well.