Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hymn of the Week: Maybe Today

The chorus of this hymn was so familiar to me that I had completely forgotten that its origins are recent (1976). Written by Frank Garlock, it is a comforting reminder that one day—perhaps this day—Christ is coming back to take His own unto Himself.

Maybe Today

My Lord will come, it may be soon,
It could be morning, night, or noon;
Till then I'll watch and work and pray,
When He comes, I'll go home, there to stay.

Maybe today, my Lord will come for me,
Maybe today, my Savior I shall see;
Maybe today, from sin I shall be free,
Jesus will come, and I will go home, it may be today.

My Lord will come, I know not when,
But this is sure, He'll come again;
With eager eyes I look for Him,
In His presence new joy will begin.


We'll sing His praise forevermore,
When we have entered heaven's door;
Redeemed from all our sin and strife,
There we'll know perfect love, endless life.


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