Monday, October 15, 2007

Wisdom From a Computer Failure

In one of my occasional forays into the blogosphere, I was blessed to have the opportunity to encounter the blog of missionary David Hosaflook. David and my brother-in-law went to Albania way back in 1992 when they were college students; David eventually went back as a full-time missionary, where he still serves.

In the post previous to the one I quote below, David explained that a few weeks earlier, there was a surge of electrical power which wiped out his surge protector and left him computerless for about a month.

As we all should (but frequently do not) do, he took a spiritual lesson away from this unfortunate experience. I quote his post here, from an entry titled "Running on Battery Power":

"After the incident recorded in the previous post, my computer kept working on battery power, but it could receive no more electrical power. The battery was charged but I knew it was a matter of time before it all shut down.

"I thought about my life. How often do I run on spiritual battery power, old times of prayer and meditation which recharged my batteries but, without daily charging, will leave my processor slow and my screen dim, eventually powering down completely. I know the Holy Spirit should not be compared to energy, since He is a person. But we all know the reality that He is our power source in the spiritual journey.

"Battery power on a laptop is great while on the go. And thank God for spiritual battery power in times of overload--there are some times when we will just not be able to have good "quantity time" alone with God.

"But remember, battery power only lasts so long."

Thanks to David Hosaflook for allowing me to quote him here. You can click here to read his blog.

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