Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Master's Men Conference

Yesterday, October 20, I attended the Master's Men Conference at Faith Baptist Church of Davison, MI. This was my second trip to the conference; six other men from my church also drove the 150-ish miles to attend.

As with previous years, it was a great, uplifting, and convicting time. It is a blessing to be among such a large group of men who, like me, desire God's will and work in their lives; and who enjoy singing and hearing the preaching of the Word.

Steve Pettit was the main speaker. His two messages were convicting about what characteristics the godly man should demonstrate and in what activities (Bible reading, meditation, prayer) he should participate. There were also about a dozen "breakout" sessions to choose from; each man could choose three during the day. Our group collectively attended nearly all of them.

If you ever get an opportunity to be in that part of Michigan next year (or any year) for the conference, and you're a man, I encourage you to go.

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