Thursday, October 4, 2007

Maddening News Report, 2nd Place, 10/4/07 reports here that the mother of a 14-year-old boy (and the ACLU) want him to be back in a charter school near Detroit after he was suspended for being in violation of the school's dress/hair code. The violation? He has not had a haircut in 10 years, and the school requires boys to have short hair. So why hasn't he cut his hair?

[Drum roll, please....]

"This is not about a haircut, it's about our deeply held spiritual beliefs," Alecha Benson, Claudius' mother, told "These are strongly held religious beliefs that we have had in practice for much of my son's life."

Religious beliefs founded in the Old Testament, if you continue reading the article. So would someone please tell me:

WHAT IS THE ACLU DOING? Are they actually defending the religious beliefs of someone—beliefs based on the BIBLE? At one look, it appears that they are. (There are other interpretations, too, if you read the article.)

So if the ACLU is willing to defend a family's belief that they can keep a "deeply held spiritual" belief, why won't it defend mine? Why do they attack my "deeply held spiritual beliefs" about many things, from Christmas decorations in public squares to how our children should be educated?

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