Monday, October 1, 2007

Complaint Department—October 1, 2007

#1: The Michigan Legislature, including my very own Republican state senator and the Republican state senator who represents most of my county, voted in the wee hours of this morning to raise my income taxes and to expand the sales tax. Apparently they deemed this an appropriate way to resolve the budget "crisis." Note: The term "budget crisis" is media-speak and governor-speak for "We fooled around for nine months instead of cutting the bloat, fat, and pork from government, to the end that we could blackmail you [in this case, via threat of government shutdown—and does that really constitute a threat, anyway?] and your representatives into accepting unneeded tax increases."

As if Michigan's sorry economy needs tax increases....I believe the phrase is "Last one to leave Michigan turn out the lights."

#2: The Michigan Media, which every single day gives our democratic governor and legislators a free pass. Gov. Granholm has misrepresented the state's budget and needs to a degree that even Bill & Hillary would probably blush at. The Democrats who control the House had failed to even have a meaningful vote on the budget until the last few days...despite having several months in which to get this done. And yet, day in and day out, the media tries to shift the blame to the Republicans or to talk of "gridlock". The real problem is incompetence and foolishness on the part of the governor and her minions in the state legislature.

#3: Why do people feel that (a) they must decorate for Halloween (b) in September? It's bad enough that the chief holiday of witchcraft is thrust upon the God-fearing citizens of our republic, but do we need to decorate for it, weeks in advance, in much the same manner that we decorate to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ?

God is good. Life in Him is great. And in heaven, none of these complaints will exist!

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