Monday, October 8, 2007

Thoughts on Contentment, Part 2

The thesis in the evening's sermon was this: Too many people today are satisfied—and they shouldn't be! They are content to be unsaved, saved but sour, spiritually mediocre, inconsistent, worldly, hypocritical, self-centered, "average," etc. Our pastor summed up five wrong ways of "contentment:"

  • When contentment really is complacency.
  • When contentment really is compromise.
  • When contentment really is carnality (read 1 Cor. 3).
  • When contentment really is callousness.
  • When contentment really is carelessness.
He also gave us some ways to avoid this wrong sort of contentment:
  • Be in and under the Word.
  • Be "being sensitive" to the Spirit of God.
  • Be submissive to the authorities in your life.
  • Be involved with people.
  • Be active with your faith, exercising and expressing it.
  • Be growing in grace and wisdom.
  • Be honest and willing to change.
(Thanks to Pastor Rawsthorne at Faith Baptist Church, Mattawan, MI)

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