Friday, October 5, 2007

Maddening News Report, 1st Place, 10/4/07

19% of Democrats in a recent Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll believe that "the world would be better off if the United States loses the war in Iraq." Furthermore, another 20% of Democrats were undecided ("Don't know") on the question. It's bad enough that 5% of Republicans and 7% of Independents thought this (with 8% and 17%, respectively, undecided), but 2 out of 5 Democrats have somehow completely missed the point that our country's victory in Iraq is the ONLY possible good outcome!

Read the entire article here; the raw polling data is here.

And then it gets WORSE: While 74% of Republicans have "ever said a prayer for President Bush," only 37% of Democrats have done so. Is it no wonder that (a) we see such venomous hatred of the president from the left, and (b) we see such ridicule, derision, and animosity toward religion from that end of the political spectrum?

By the way, majorities of both parties claim to pray every day, and over 75% of each party claim to have prayed for our soldiers and prayed for the war to end. Something is very wrong here: People will pray for the soldiers (and they should!), but they won't pray for the Commander-in-chief whose wisdom could keep them out of harm's way?

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