Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why Do I Blog?

I have had this blog for over two years and have made over 600 entries. Why? What would possess me to develop such a habit?

I offer the following reasons:

1. I enjoy it. Really, I do. This blog deals with three topics near and dear to my heart: The Word of God, the greatest of academic subjects, and politics (national, state, and local—I find them all fascinating).

2. It is intellectually cathartic. Considering a position on an issue and then composing something affirming that position is itself a worthwhile activity.

3. I like to share my opinions. Those who have known me for a long time should already be aware of this.

4. It is a form of teaching, and I love teaching. Sadly today, many people are unlearned in the three topics this blog focuses upon. Ignorance about politics is dangerous, and ignorance about mathematics is crippling. Ignorance about the Bible is the saddest of all, as there are eternal consequences involved.

It gives me joy to consider that someone may read my blog and learn something, not just about current events or my opinions, but about something that will benefit them and make them wiser. Which brings me to....

5. It is an opportunity to share truth. "Truth" here begs for definition. I believe the Bible is truth (John 17:17; 2 Tim. 2:15), so to share the Bible is, quite literally, to share the Truth. In mathematics, the subject matter itself reflects truth (consider, for instance, the common acceptance of facts like 5 + 6 = 11). Politics, as a subject, does not seem to have the "truth content" of the other topics, but there are certainly things that are true about government, liberty, law, and economy that ought to be shared.

Some observant folks will see that I share both opinion and truth in my blog. There is a difference. That I thought the "stimulus bill" passed in February was disastrous is an opinion. That all of us are created by a Creator, and that it is He Who has given us what rights and liberties we have, is a fact. Some disagree with me. This is my blog, not theirs.

As the title bar at the top of my blog states, Psalm 19:14 should describe what I do here.

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