Friday, June 26, 2009

Prioritizing the News of the Day

Here are some headlines that you may or may not learn about in today's news:

  • Approximately 3,000 children murdered in their mothers' wombs today.
  • Congress soon to vote on one of the largest tax increases in American history, under the poor disguise of something called "cap and trade."
  • American soldiers involved in conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Some calling for the resignation of a governor of a state containing 4.5 million people.
  • An over-the-hill rock star who has been in trouble for doing unspeakable, perverse things with children and whose music grates on the ears of millions of Americans died yesterday.
The first four are significant things going on today that will affect (or even end!) the lives of Americans for some time to come. The fifth item, though sad, is not going to affect most of us, and certainly not in a life-changing way.

We are going to be better citizens if we deal with those first four matters let's get to work.

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