Friday, June 26, 2009

Biden Reaches Out to Gay Community

Thus reads the title of an article on the Kalamazoo Gazette's website (originally from Speaking at a "LGBT fundraiser" that brought in about a million dollars for the Democratic National Committee, the vice-president acknowledged that the Obama administration had not been moving as fast as many in the homosexual community had desired in implementing their agenda.

Although those of us who believe that homosexuality is an abomination (because that's what the Bible calls it) find the "homosexual agenda" disturbing, we are comforted slightly that our president has not simply done everything they want. Yet. Perhaps even more disturbing is the knowledge that some homosexuals boycotted the event—to protest that Obama isn't doing everything they want, fast enough!

The vice-president tried to smooth ruffled feathers by pointing out what the Obama administration has already done for them, and how many homosexuals he has appointed to office already. He even said,

Biden said the administration is committed to "the unfinished business of true equality."

"I promise you with your help we'll get there in this administration," he said, going as far as to add that if the country achieves gender equality, "I will have marked my term as vice president as being truly worthwhile."

Disgraceful. But consider this scenario:

The president or vice-president comes to speak at a fundraiser dinner organized by Christians to support candidates who cherish traditional family values. He apologizes for not implementing the "Christian agenda" quickly enough and promises that by the time his current term ends, progress will be made. Meanwhile, outside the venue, a group of protesters hold pickets and decry the administration for not making greater progress when the opportunity arose.

Do you think you will ever see this?

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