Monday, September 22, 2008

Yankee Stadium

The Yankees have won their final home game played at the "original" Yankee Stadium by a score of 7-3. Yankee Stadium, easily the greatest sports venue in the world [also verified by this Red Sox fan here], has been the home to the greatest baseball team in the world since 1923.

I attended four Yankees game at the Stadium (they lost the first two and won the last two), and attended one after riding the 4-train up from Manhattan. It is a beautiful place.

And a thought I had this evening as I watched the game's conclusion and post-game events: For all of you Yankee haters out there who complain that all they do is just go out and "buy players," can you name me any other MLB team with four current players who were playing with their team in 1996? The Yankees have Jeter, Posada, Rivera, and Pettitte (who strayed to the Astros for three years, but came back). Clearly, they want to play for "the greatest fans in the world." [Source: Derek Jeter's post-game speech, 9/21/08. And he should know.]

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