Monday, September 1, 2008

Kudos for Hoogendyk!

The Republicans assembled in St. Paul this week (and boy, would I love to be there) have taken a forced break from their how are they spending their time? Jack Hoogendyk, the awesome Senate candidate from our area, responded in this manner. His press release is copied below.

Hoogendyk Calls for Blood Drive at Republican Convention
Michigan Delegates Pledge to Give Blood for Hurricane Victims
Minneapolis, MN - Michigan State Representative Jack Hoogendyk announced that the Michigan delegation to the Republican National Convention would be participating in a blood drive on Tuesday, which he initiated to provide relief for potential victims of Hurricane Gustav. Hoogendyk, the Republican Party's candidate to unseat US Senator Carl Levin, made the announcement at the Michigan delegation's breakfast and then circulated the room with a clipboard collecting pledges for blood donations.

The local Red Cross has named the effort the "Michigan Republican Party Gulf Relief Blood Drive." The Red Cross plans to send a blood drive bus to the Northland Inn, where the Michigan delegation is staying. Hoogendyk is calling for blood donations from residents across the state of Michigan, as well as from other delegates to the Convention.

"Everyone here in Minnesota at the Convention is watching the events in the Gulf closely. We see it as an opportunity to mobilize Republicans from all around the country to help their fellow citizens who are suffering from the effects of Hurricane Gustav," says Hoogendyk. "We're all going to roll up our sleeves and give blood to send to those in need in the Gulf Coast area."

The blood drive will be taking place at the Northland Inn Hotel on Tuesday, September 2 from 10 am to 4 pm. A large turnout is expected.
It is great to see that the Republicans are not merely partying and having a good time—they are making a positive impact! (And if I were there, Jack, I'd give a pint!)

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