Saturday, September 6, 2008

Today's News of the Weird

While driving home yesterday and listening to NPR's "All Things Considered" (this was the first time I had permitted myself to listen to them for more than a moment since the DNC), I heard a story that went something like this:

Do you remember the movie, "The Fly," from a few decades back? Tomorrow is its American premiere in Los an opera.

Like most stories on ATC, the reporting was thorough and included the writer, the lead actor, and Placido Domingo, who is somehow involved in this production. The musical score is not exactly what one would expect for a science fiction plot involving the recombination of human and insect DNA, but they say it is quite operatic. The few bars they played sounded quite nice. It has already been performed in Europe.

So if this is a success, we will need to expect other similar opera productions based on unusual 1970's films. I would nominate Black Sunday to be the next unusual-1970's-film-turned-opera-production. Unfamiliar with it? A synopsis is here. But don't feel bad—I've never seen The Fly (the movie), either.

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