Friday, September 26, 2008

No, It's NOT Patriotic!

Several days ago Joe Biden offered the bizarre idea that the paying of taxes is a patriotic duty of Americans.

His idea of paying taxes (and I believe I have this in its proper context) to fund the ever-growing programs of an already-badly-bloated government is directly contrary to patriotic feelings. Our government was not founded so that its citizens could hand over their money to a government who would waste it on endless social programs, entitlement programs, public education, and bailouts of businesses.

One of the great catalysts of the Revolution was the Boston Tea Party. What were they doing there? Protesting the one tax that Britain hadn't already repealed—a tax that Parliament left in place to demonstrate that they could, in fact, tax the colonists.

And we all should remember that turned out. This country was founded, in part, on the idea that our government shouldn't impose unreasonable taxes.

Mr. Biden, the patriotic feelings you should inspire are ones that involve paying fewer, fairer taxes. Your ideas about taxing us further are decidedly unpatriotic.

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