Monday, September 1, 2008

OK, Michigan—Which Would You Rather Have?

I find it puzzling that here in Michigan, the campaign higher-ups who control the dispersing of monies keep spending much of it on the same thing: Phone calls to voters (and possible voters).

Every voter I know in Michigan is, at the very best, ambivalent about such phone calls; and the ambivalent ones are probably the least likely to either change their vote...or to vote at all, based on one or more phone calls.

On the other hand, many Michigan voters I know want one thing more than anything else before an election: Yard signs. They may take bumper stickers, but don't want to put them on their vehicle; they may buy buttons, but rarely wear them. But give those voters yard signs, and they'll be on proud display ASAP!

Had I not gone to the state GOP convention last week, I—a county party official—still wouldn't have a McCain sign in my yard. While I was there, I observed people descending on the piles of McCain signs like vultures on road kill (analogy not intended to describe the people or the signs). People want yard signs—Campaigns, take note!!

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