Friday, August 22, 2008

What Is a County Republican Convention?

Here in Michigan, every voting precinct elects one or more (depending on population) precinct delegates for each party, to two-year terms. For the second time in a row, I have been elected a precinct delegate [Truth in publishing note: Number of delegate candidates in my precinct did not exceed number of available positions].

As I am already the secretary of the county Republican Party, I am active in Republican politics. So why bother to become a precinct delegate? What do they do?

The first order of business, at our first post-election meeting of this two-year cycle, was to elect nominees to the state convention (to be held in Novi, near Detroit, tomorrow). Because we are on the opposite side of the state from Novi, there was no difficulty getting myself and my wife elected among the fifteen eligible delegates from our county.

Precinct delegates are often among the first tapped for volunteering responsibilities, but are also among the first to get invites to political events, too!

So what does a State Republican Convention do? More on that this weekend, after I get back...

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