Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hey, Michigan! Get Out And Vote!

Tuesday, August 5, is Primary Day in Michigan. If historical trends are to continue, only about 20% of republican and democratic voters will trouble themselves to go to the polls and cast a ballot.

And this is a shame! Those of us who believe in biblical values, family and pro-life values, and pro-Bill-of-Rights values should be the first to beat down the doors of the polling place on any election day. God has granted us the privilege of electing our leadership, and we are irresponsible if we do not take advantage of it.

Not familiar with the candidates? Here are some suggestions:

  • Get your local newspaper. Nearly all of them have a pre-election section with candidate profiles, etc. Check the paper's website, too.
  • Contact the county clerk's office (here in Michigan; it may be a different office in other states) and ask for a sample ballot.
  • Take a look at conservative, Bible-values-oriented organizations which produce voter guides and the like. Citizens for Traditional Values is one such example. There are many more.
  • Any candidate worth his/her salt has a website now. Look it over; see where they claim to stand on issues. Be wary of candidates whose stands are vague, fuzzy, nondescript, inconsistent with voting history, or obfuscatory (e.g., Barack Obama).
  • If you live in Van Buren County, Michigan, ask me.
If you need one, get an absentee ballot (Michigan voters: Click here). And by all means, if you are not registered to vote, get registered to vote! (Michigan residents: Contact your local Secretary of State office)

Finally, be sure to vote for candidates whom you can be confident will have values based on the Word of God and the Constitution of this great country. We have too many leaders who ignore these documents and their principles...and they do so to our peril. More on these candidates later....

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