Monday, August 4, 2008

THIS is How a Dress Code Should Be Enforced

I am so sick-and-tired of schools that don't enforce their dress code—even if it was a weak one in the first place. So I read with pleasure this article sent from a friend. I think it's an idea whose time has come. Here is the beginning of that article:

"GONZALES, Texas — Violating Gonzales High School's dress code is not a crime, but some of the offenders are about to start looking a lot like convicts.

Soon after classes begin Aug. 25, violators of the district's beefed-up dress code must don navy blue coveralls unless they get another set of clothes from home — or serve in-school suspension. The outfits aren't just styled like prison jumpsuits — they're actually made by Texas inmates.

"We're a conservative community, and we're just trying to make our students more reflective of that," said Larry Wehde, Gonzales Independent School District deputy superintendent."

Feel free to read the whole article, including the obligatory comments from people who don't like the policy.

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