Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thoughts on California, Part 5

I have a better idea now as to why people want to move to California—specifically, the Los Angeles area.

I'm not certain it is the "city living." The people are packed in, yards are the size of postage stamps, there are enough illegal immigrants to populate another nation, traffic is heavy, and the state government is on the verge of socialism.

It is probably the weather. While we were there, and much of the country was suffering in its typical summer heat, the L.A. coast was quite comfortable. The evenings were quite cool (my wife even used the word "cold," but I can't go that far). The humidity is almost non-existent. In the winter, snow and freezing temperatures are rare near the coast. The summer contains little rain to interrupt life's activities. Plant life, when properly watered, abounds.

This still doesn't explain much of the rest of the state, where low rain equals high fire danger [the mountains are a dull shade of brown right now]; nor does it explain the nearly-ever-present haze that abides over the region. But in that part of the state, the weather sure was nice.

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