Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Election Has Concluded—Now What?

Yesterday's Michigan primary is in the books. Not all of my choices for office were victorious yesterday, but that is now beside the point...we need to consider what happens next.

Every voter (not just in Michigan) has an obligation to learn who will be on the November ballot, and to educate him/herself about their positions and voting history. We have three months to do this. It's not just about whether McCain or Obama becomes president; it is about your state representative, your township trustees, and your sheriff. You have an obligation to educate yourself.

And you also need to educate others. Sad fact is, most voters are relatively ignorant of the candidates and issues....yet they vote anyway. Share what you learn with others. Share how candidates like Obama and Carl Levin have a history of voting against the principles that made this country great. Remind others if your state representative voted for that huge increase in Michigan taxes last year—or if they voted against it. The facts are out there. Time to learn!

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