Thursday, June 5, 2008

What Kind of Message?

According to this somewhat disturbing article, there is now a website that offers an interesting service: It will forward messages to up to 62 of your friends on the sixth day after the Rapture of the church occurs. You will be able to leave them your financial information, powers of attorney, etc.—even tell them where you hide the family jewels, I suppose.

And then there is this troubling quote:

"You've Been Left Behind gives you one last opportunity to reach your lost family and friends for Christ," the site promoting the service says.
Do not be so sure. Although you might be able to tell them where you have gone, the Bible seems to indicate that those who have rejected Christ before the Rapture will not accept Him as Savior afterwards.

I have a conundrum here: If I subscribed to this service, what would I tell them?

If I have been a faithful witness of the gospel, the most I could help them with is some financial gain or advice on how to deal with widespread destruction. In other words, nothing of eternal significance. But if I haven't been a faithful witness, then I just can't think of anything I could tell them which would draw them toward God. If it wasn't important enough to share while I was here, why bother with it after I am gone....?

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