Saturday, June 7, 2008

News That Should Concern ME

Something happened yesterday that I really, in my optimism, thought would never happen until at least a few years from now.

Just after lunch and before my 5th hour seventh grade math class, my beloved eldest daughter (age 10, grade 5), came into my classroom to greet me. In tow she has a young man with a visitor tag, whom I have never seen before. He seems like a pleasant kid, smiling and enjoying his day; and it was, after all, an open house day where visitors come to check out the school. My daughter hugs me, and I hug her, and then the young man opens his mouth. The very first words from his mouth are these:

"I think your daughter's hot."

It is a testimony to God's grace that I didn't say anything right away. If he weren't so wholesome looking and only in fifth grade himself, I might have even scowled...but I didn't do that, either.

Apparently, I was not the only person aware of this; everyone in the fifth grade knew this boy's thought, and even one of the office ladies added additional information. She added that the boy said that my daughter "might very well be my first girlfriend."

And my wife wonders why I want a gun....

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