Saturday, June 7, 2008

News That Should Disturb You

In this London Times online article, we are told about a new breed of school parent in Japan: The "Monster Parents." The article begins with a story about a school play, Snow White, which featured no dwarfs, no wicked witch—but 25 Snow Whites playing the lead. And the parents apparently couldn't be happier.

Apparently a big shift has taken place in Japanese society: Where once, not so long ago, teachers were revered, they are now the targets of aggressive criticism—and more. Groups of angry parents have been known to (successfully) demand the dismissal of teachers. The Times describes it this way:

Where previously schools were trusted and respected, they are now the targets of concerted activism. Dozens of educators have been forced to resign in the face of the blazing fury of parents who no longer tolerate anything that appears to disadvantage their offspring.
The atrocious selfishness these parents display for their children (and really, themselves) is repugnant. But as a private school teacher here in the good old USA, I have seen it. Many parents believe that everything circles around their child—and in so doing, infest their children with a selfishness no less than their own.

And, yeah, it can make the teacher's life difficult, too.

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Anonymous said...

It is awful, but I wonder. Taking it this far, it had to ruin any fun in the play might not wind up teaching the kids it is NOT the way to behave. One can always hope.