Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Guess Who Returned to Work?

According to the Washington Post, Sen. Hillary R. Clinton (D-NY) finally returned to work today. And, yes, that's basically how they put it. So I'm not sure which one irritates me more:

  1. Sen. Clinton is back to work. However, according to the paper, "She skipped the morning business of voting on a housing bill, but arrived in time for lunch with her Democratic colleagues." The only other Democrat senators to miss this vote were Kennedy (who is recovering from recent medical problems) and Obama.
  2. Sen. Clinton collected her $160,000+ annual salary while not going to work.
The article also contained this quote:
"I am not seeking any other position," Mrs. Clinton told reporters, blunting speculation that she's jockeying for vice president. "My role is to be the very best senator I can be and represent the greatest state in our country."
Ever heard that before?

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