Saturday, June 7, 2008

News That Might Intrigue You

Hillary Clinton today ended her race for president, throwing her support behind Barack Obama. This, for all practical purposes, ends the Democrat race for the presidential nomination. (There is a school of thought that Obama should keep a robust Secret Service contingent with him at all times, if he wants to 'keep' the nomination his.)

I must admit that I never thought he would win, when this primary "season" began. But I also terribly underestimated the depth of democrats' dislike for Hillary Clinton. On paper, she is the superior choice. But on character, she most certainly is not; she is as corrupt and untrustworthy as a politician can be. We have the evidence.

So what happens next? Have Hillary's machinations this week been to secure her the #2 spot on the ticket? Have they doomed such hopes to impossibility? Will McCain and the GOP thump Obama like they ought to? Stay tuned....

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