Friday, September 14, 2007

See the York Fair!!

For ways to demonstrate the folly of not obeying the rules and trying to take a shortcut, it will be hard to beat this:

The full story from the York Daily Record is here (the beginning is given below); it was also reported on

No need for man to jump
Sep 14, 2007 — The talk of the York Fairgrounds on Thursday was the man who impaled himself on a wrought-iron fence Wednesday night.

Rumors rippled through the concession stands.

One was that the man had a ticket to get into the fair but chose to climb the fence.

Turns out that was true, according to West Manchester Township Police.

Aaron C. Fry, 19, tried to take a shortcut to the fair by jumping the fence because he did not want to walk to the Carlisle Avenue gate, Detective Sgt. Jeff Snell wrote in a news release. The gate is less than a block from where Fry tried to climb the fence.

Fry, of Washington Boro, Lancaster County, and others he was with Wednesday night had admission passes to the fair and tickets to the concert that night, Snell wrote.

But, while trying to scale the fence, Fry's left thigh was pierced by a spike atop the 12-foot structure on Carlisle Avenue, just north of Texas Avenue, fire officials said.

About 40 firefighters, emergency-medical workers and police officers responded at 6:30 p.m. and used hydraulic cutters to snap the fence. They did not lift Fry off the fence; instead, they took him to York Hospital with several feet of the fence still attached.

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