Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's the Most "Politically Correct" Time of the Year

Today, I was working at a warehouse filling order after order for Kmart. (Good news: Monotony now has a definition.) Each identical order contained a number of what I, and many of you, would refer to as "Thanksgiving" dinnerware, napkins, table covers, etc. But is that what the labels say?

No. We had the "Fall Harvest" platter and plates, and products called "Autumn Splendor" and "Harvest Festival" (that one had your traditional turkey-and-cornucopia look). Thanksgiving? Nowhere to be found.

Admittedly, it will be autumn time when these products go on display, and the colored leaves and crops do indicate the time of year. Snow-draped fir trees indicate winter, as well. But be on the lookout as always: Many in our country today don't want to acknowledge Thanksgiving and Christmas (except re: Time off of work) as Christian holidays, thanking Jesus Christ for everything He has done for us and for the entire world. Let us be thankful, and let us meditate on the reasons for the holidays—not merely that we get opportunities to miss work and eat.

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