Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One of the Nation's Richest Counties....in Michigan?!?

Yes, indeed: According to this data, Oakland County, Michigan, has the 48th highest per capita income of the three-thousand-or-so counties in the entire United States. That is like the 98th percentile—pretty good!

So let's contemplate something: How does this occur? How can the overall prosperity of a county be that high, much less in a region of the country where the cost of living isn't so exorbitant as to artificially inflate the data....and in a region of the country where the state unemployment leads the nation (on the wrong end)?

Does this county have higher taxes than neighboring counties? I don't think so.

Does this county have a pro-business or anti-business climate? I'm guessing pro-business—there must be employers there, after all, to pay those good salaries.

Does this county have leadership that wants to micro-manage, tax, and control the economy, or is it more inclined to allow free enterprise to work its wonders? I think I know....

Congratulations, Oakland County. May you be an inspiration to the rest of our state.


Chaz said...

Exactly! The prosperity of Oakland County offers us a wonderful example to follow. It will be interesting to see with the downfall of the Big 3 amidst Obama’s countless policies whether there will be an economic shift from Oakland County westward to Grand Rapids for example with the economic situation remaining fairly stable.

The blogprof said...

We have a pro-business Republican leadership and that hasn't changed in some time. If you took out Pontiac and some of its neighbors, Oakland County would be quite a bit further up the chart.

Anonymous said...

so whats ur tax %? HATE EXTRA TAXES