Saturday, May 30, 2009

Date Night!

It's Saturday. I would really like to take my beautiful wife out for the evening. I'll get a babysitter for the kids, get dinner reservations and tickets for a play, and fly her on a private jet to NYC Saturday afternoon, with a late return trip on Saturday night. Those planes are expensive to park on the tarmac, you know.

And we'll probably just skip church on Sunday.

Then it hit me—I don't have the money for this! My bank account is pretty short, and after all, there are a thousand more prudent choices I should be making with those kinds of dollars. My word!—a trip like this would cost what I make in six months or a year!

Yet it's OK for the President of the United States to essentially take his wife for a recklessly expensive date on our dime. Or is it?

Should he be spending multiplied thousands of taxpayer dollars for what is essentially a personal expense? Tying up the Saturday night traffic in NYC for his own personal pleasure? Can he be billed for the expenses of the evening?

Has the FOIA request been filed yet?

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