Friday, May 8, 2009

Obama at Notre Dame, and an Interesting Quote

According to this article, in comments today to Catholics at a national prayer breakfast, Archbishop Raymond Burke slammed Notre Dame University for inviting President Obama to speak and to receive an honorary degree; specifically, he called it a "scandal." I have addressed this subject already.

He also spoke about Katherine Sibelius, a Catholic, who has been appointed to Obama's Cabinet, and other pro-abortion Catholic politicians; the article contains this quotation from the archbishop, in reference to these various Catholic politicians:

He added that it "grieves me to say that the support of anti-life legislation by Catholics in public office is so common that those who are not Catholics have justifiably questioned whether the church's teachings regarding the inviolable dignity of innocent human life is firm and unchanging. It gives the impression that the church herself can change the law that God has written on every human heart since the beginning of time." [Emphasis mine]
Wow! As a Baptist myself, concerned with my own testimony and that of my church, it scares me to think what we would be like if, due to the pervasive subversion by us of Bible doctrine, we gave the impression that we (Christians individually, or the church collectively) were able to change that doctrine to suit our own purposes.

This does not extend only to the "sanctity of human life" issue. If thousands of Christians (or Baptists in particular) were to publicly support a doctrine that says Jesus Christ was not the Son of God, would that give an impression? If thousands were to claim that salvation could be achieved through our own works, would that give an impression? If thousands were to claim that evolution is the explanation for how we got here, would that give an impression?

What impression are you giving those around you? What impression does your church give on Scriptural matters?

Something to think about for the weekend.

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