Monday, May 4, 2009

Just How Bad Is It In Detroit? Pretty Bad!

Detroit, to those of us who live in nearly every other part of Michigan, is probably the most embarrassing city in our state. Its most recent claim to shame is being named the "#1 Worst City for Jobs" in the entire USA by Forbes.

And then I read this impressive conglomeration of claims to shame that Detroit has amassed. Most dangerous, most miserable, worst air...they even have the Detroit Lions.

The point is not to glory in the depths to which Detroit has sunk. It is worth noting, however, that Detroit has been dominated and run by democrats for at least the last 50 years—and has gone from a proud, robust city to the hulk it is today.

And when the democrat we have as president is through, it will be even worse there.

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Yeah, but they have a big Mayoral election today... between two Democrats.