Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thoughts on Miss California

Carrie Prejean will be known henceforth as the tall, pretty, blonde Miss California who unleashed a firestorm by stating her view that marriage should be between a man and a woman. She very likely could have won the Miss USA competition had she instead answered the question posed to her in a politically correct manner.

My thoughts are these:

  • You must give Carrie credit for speaking her mind—indeed, for speaking the truth—in an environment which she knew was hostile toward the truth. National TV, homosexual judge, expectations, etc...these all dictated that she give the politically correct answer to grease the slide of her success. And she spoke the truth anyway. Good for her! (And on top of it all, she reminded Americans that you can be beautiful, successful...and still speak the truth.)
  • On the other hand, when you see Carrie in your mind, what do you see? I have not yet seen a picture of Carrie in anything but an evening gown or a very, very small bikini. That is the only image I have of her. Carrie speaks of being a Christian—and I sincerely hope that she is—but she was participating in an activity where she had to essentially disrobe and parade her body in front of millions of people—and her body has been in the view of millions more (like me) since this story broke. Modesty is a Christian virtue, and participation in these kinds of paegants forces you to throw that virtue aside.
  • I hope that Carrie gives up the beauty paegant business and that she becomes a voice for what is righteous and true in whatever career God has for her. And I hope that she does it in modest clothing. She will still a beautiful girl—perhaps even more so—with the joy of the Spirit in her heart and some lovely, modest clothing on her person.


Brenda Brough said...

Thank you, my thoughts exactly. Lovely, the best environment for a Christian I hope she takes your advice!!

The blogprof said...

She seems to be going in this direction, but the pics of her out on the net will haunt her at least to some extent. That being said, she seems to be going in the correct direction.