Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hymn of the Week: He Lives Again

I was actually looking for the hymn "He Lives" [I serve a risen Savior, He's in the world today...] when I ran across this less-familiar hymn by one George Burns, written in 1913.

The fact that Jesus Christ rose from the dead on that first Easter morning should be a cause of great joy, comfort, and peace to everyone who has put their faith in Him. It should also be cause for sharing the Savior with everyone we meet! "Have you heard? Do you know what Jesus Christ did for you?"

Sadly, even here in America, many are unfamiliar with what Jesus Christ did in coming to earth, dying for their sins, and rising from the dead. They are unfamiliar with the gospel and salvation. They do not know what the Bible says about these matters.

Let us tell them!

He Lives Again

Have you heard the wondrous story
Of the victory for God,
How the Lord of life and glory,
Sin beneath His feet hath trod?


Sing it out, oh, sing it ever,
Till the hills take up the strain,
And the saints beyond the river—
Join to sing, “He lives again!”

Have you heard the wondrous story
Of a wide and open grave,
Out of which the Lord of glory
Hath come forth with power to save?


Have you heard the wondrous story
Of the captive souls set free
By the Lord of life and glory,
Who hath brought them liberty?


May I tell the wondrous story,
For I know its worth so well,
How the Lord of life and glory,
Saved my soul from death and hell?


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