Saturday, April 25, 2009

Administration May Oust Another CEO? is reporting that "the government" is considering giving the chairman of Citigroup, Vikram Pandit, "the boot."

The article has this telling nugget:

"According to The New York Post, citing sources, regulators are mulling taking steps to show the government is taking a strong stand on banks, which may include removing Pandit."
I suppose a case can be made that Pandit made some executive mistakes, that he took too much risk upon the company, etc.

But when is it the purpose of our free and republican [type, not party] government to remove heads of companies whom they are (supposedly) helping? No one has yet mentioned Pandit being involved in any illegal activity, or of trying to intentionally damage why is this happening? So the government can "take a strong stand" and look tough?

This won't be the first time; Rick Wagoner, formerly head of GM, was quietly canned on a Sunday evening a few weekends ago.

We need to be concerned about a government that takes this much power unto itself.

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