Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Quotation About Democrats

Rep. Owen Lovejoy (R-IL) made the following quotation on April 5, 1860, referring to Democrats and their support of slavery:

"The principle of enslaving human beings because they are inferior, is this: If a man is a cripple, trip him up; if he is old and weak, and bowed with the weight of years, strike him, for he cannot strike back; if idiotic, take advantage of him; and if a child, deceive him. This, sir, this is the doctrine of Democrats and the doctrine of devils as well, and there is no place in the universe outside the five points of hell and the Democratic Party where the practice and prevalence of such doctrines would not be a disgrace."

That was the Democratic party on the eve of the Civil War. Something to think about.

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