Thursday, March 26, 2009

Your Government Wants a Lot More Power

Two sobering thoughts to think about—without having to go any further than today's news.

Tim Geithner told a House panel today that the Obama administration desires sweeping regulatory changes over Wall Street that would allow the government to step in and essentially take over a financial company if it deems the company poses too great a risk to the economy. Presumably, this risk will be defined by the government itself, leaving open the possibility that if abused, the government could simply step in and take over any financial institution whose practices it does not approve.

Harry Reid is trying to manipulate Senate rules to make it easier to ram through overwhelming changes in health care and a disastrous cap-and-trade energy policy. Both will have crippling effects on the American economy. He does not appear to care. Even some Senate democrats are opposed to such a brazen abuse of Senate rules.

These two examples encapsulate the fact that the Obama administration and the democratic leadership in Congress seem to have no known limits on how far they will go to get what they want. Where will they stop? Will they stop?

Do they have any respect for the Constitution anymore?

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