Thursday, March 5, 2009

Can't We Even Talk About Guns in a College Class?

Last October, a student at Central Connecticut State University was called to come to the police station on the evening after he, and two classmates, gave an oral presentation about a relevant media issue. Their choice? Presenting their view that had students and staff at Virginia Tech been allowed to carry guns, the bloodshed which happened in 2007 would have been reduced.

Apparently the professor was "concerned" for the "safety" of the campus community...and decided that calling the police about this student was the appropriate thing to do.

The student went to the police station as requested and was asked about his guns. He lives off-campus and keeps the guns in a safe (guns are not permitted on the campus). No further action was taken.

Let's apply a smidgen of logic to this scenario.

  • Point: The professor thought this student was a potential threat to others because he discussed guns.
  • Point: The professor was concerned (scared?) about safety.
  • Suggested Conclusion: If the professor had been carrying a gun herself, would she have felt safer??
Never mind the fact that on the secular college campuses of today, where free speech typically means that any kind of atheist, filthy, or decadent cant is allowed to flourish, we have here a student who expressed a reasonable opinion—and had to go to the police station!?!

Will the ACLU be rushing to this young man's side to defend his actions?? Read the full story here.

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