Friday, March 6, 2009

Americans' View of U.N. is Getting More Accurate reports that in Gallup's annual poll of American views toward the United Nations, the U.N. received an all-time worst approval rating of 26%. This is even lower than the previous nadir during the Reagan years (28%) and is even lower than American's current approval rating of Congress.

Of course, the U.N. is even more inept, corrupt, and foolish than Congress.

The article also reports that nearly $3 billion was "contributed" by American taxpayers to the U.N. last year. I would rather see my tax dollars go to fund pig odor research (one of the ultimate pork-barrel projects) than go to the United Nations, an organization which is heavily anti-American and anti-Israel.

What is encouraging, of course, is that more and more Americans are realizing what a useless, amoral, antagonistic entity the United Nations is. Now we need Americans to realize an accurate opinion of their own national government....

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