Monday, March 30, 2009

Michigan, Meet Socialism

Admittedly, we in Michigan have gotten far too accustomed to seeing inept, corrupt, and foolish leadership in places like Lansing and Detroit. But among the descriptors I would use for this same leadership, I would not have looked for this one: Socialist.

The president today, for all practical purposes, saw to it that the leader of what used to be one of the proudest and most successful American companies was, in a word, fired. Dismissed. This man, to my knowledge, broke no laws and made a good-faith effort to lead General Motors in the right direction.

Please understand this: In Washington D.C., a decision was made to remove the leader of a Michigan-based company—not a governmental entity, mind you, but a publicly traded company—because that company was not "successful" financially. Before long, we should not be surprised if the government owns much of that company, and tries to run it, in a manner similar to its ownership stake in several of our larger financial institutions.

Regardless of what the president says.

Some observations:

Socialism will not come to America in a single fell swoop. Our Congressmen know better than to try that. It will come to America incrementally, a little here and a little there, until we are absorbed into it. Obfuscation and thousand-page pieces of legislation will hide some of it from us until it is already done.

Michigan, with the worst economy of any state, may become a socialism testing ground of sorts. Beware of any governmental intrusions—federal or state—into the workings of private businesses.

Power corrupts. Our government, with its current leadership, is assuming far more power than our Constitution grants it. It is time to be vigilant and to pressure our representatives to do what is Constitutional, and to vote against any legislation which tends toward socialism.

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