Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Observations on the ESV

I wrote in an earlier post how I prefer to use the KJV Bible, but was recently encouraged to take a look at the English Standard Version (ESV). Anyone can browse it by going to its website.

However, for the month of March, anyone can have free online access to the notes and maps which accompany the text by signing up. So I did this, because I had reached the book of Leviticus in my devotions—and if any book is a challenge to understand in the KJV, Leviticus is.

Some observations, specifically regarding Leviticus:

  • There is a greater "ease of reading" without an apparent sacrifice of accuracy (Not knowing Hebrew, I can't speak authoritatively on its accuracy...so I won't).
  • The notes are extensive and helpful. The online notes are hyperlinked, too, as they presumably are on the online version you have access to once you have purchased a copy of your own. Being able to click right to another verse is handy.
  • Since the purchase of an ESV Bible entitles you to the full array of online helps, I would be interested in owning a copy for that reason alone.
I look forward to completing Leviticus and learning more from the Scripture.

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Roger said...

I've been reading the ESV for some time now and just got the study Bible with all the online rights and privileges appertaining thereto. I have been very impressed with it's readability AND it's consistency with the KJV that I grew up on. I currently use the NKJV quite a bit and actually prefer the ESV. I usually compare all three when studying.