Saturday, July 11, 2009

Michigan Blueberries

This morning I took my four children to our annual July extravaganza: Blueberry picking! The five of us picked nearly 31 pounds of blueberries, with most of those now resting comfortably in my freezer. My children think blueberry picking is fun; I enjoy it also.

Someone who lives in Florida questioned why I would go out into the heat to pick my own blueberries. That's a good question, and I have several good answers.

1. The weather is beautiful. It is July in Michigan—a far cry from the oppressive humidity of a July day in Florida—and this morning was a particularly beautiful day even by normal standards. Fresh air in the open fields is good for us, no?

2. It's a great activity for the kids. They enjoy it, and it gives them a pleasant taste of the work world. It is good for children to learn how to accomplish tasks and to enjoy the reward of their labor; if they can learn this in an enjoyable environment, so much the better.

3. It's a great activity with the kids. Parents, especially fathers, should spend time with their children. This is a super way to do it.

4. Fresh blueberries are, quite simply, awesome.

5. I'm supporting the local economy, and in Michigan, how can that not be a good thing?


The blogprof said...

Ken - I'm assuming that it was an unintended pun when you wrote "it gives them a pleasant taste of the work world." I say this because when I went blueberry picking as a kid, I swear I ate more bluberries than I bagged. Same with strawberries, raspberries, etc. Those were *good* days...

Ken said...

No, blogprof, it was intended.

I do have to set some guidelines ahead of time, however, on the "picking to eating" ratio.

Peter Matesevac said...

Couldn't you take to pick apples, pears, strawberries or something tasty?

Ken said...

Peter: We got the strawberries last month. Apples come later in the year, I believe. As for pears, I'm not aware of any local opportunities to pick those.

Quite seriously, I think this was the best batch of blueberries I've ever picked. We are definitely going back to Fritz Blueberries (that's on 44th St., off M-43 just north of Paw Paw) next year! said...

Eating... I mean picking blueberries. Man, I haven't been in years but now I can taste them.

Used to bag those up by the thousands and freeze them. Awesome frozen on a hot summer day.

Geez. Sudden, unshakable craving. Thanks for that.