Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sarah Palin: Come to Michigan!

Sarah Palin resigned from being governor of Alaska Sunday. You can view the video of her speech here. It has some similarities to the typical political sending-off speech, but still contains the uplifting strains that Sarah Palin is now well-known for.

If you feel like reminiscing, here are some clips from last year's election campaign:

Speech to the RNC (9/7/08): Text Video

Speech upon becoming McCain's running mate (8/29/08): Text Video

Now we have a mystery confronting us: What is Sarah Palin going to do next?

I have a suggestion. I'd beg, if necessary.

I think she needs to immediately move to Michigan. I'd imagine that she and her husband would likely find a nice spot up in the Upper Peninsula...probably feel "at home" up there. Once she establishes residency, she should run for governor. Or lieutenant governor. Or state legislature. Or county commissioner. Something.

Because we need people with the political philosophy of Sarah Palin to make Michigan a better place to live, work, prosper, and enjoy our freedoms. Remember that political philosophy in the next round of elections!

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