Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Know Why People Move to California

One year ago today, I took my first and only trip to California, with my wife. It was a combination business/pleasure trip. While there, we saw an Angels baseball game, enjoyed the beaches, and visited the Reagan Library (Note: All good Republicans should make at least one pilgrimage there before they die). We also managed on a $5/day upgrade to snag a Mustang convertible with an odometer reading of precisely 000010 miles. Seriously cool.

While there, it suddenly dawned on me why people move to California.

  • It's not the politics. California is virtually a socialist state.
  • It's not the traffic. Definitely not.
  • It's not the affordable housing. Even now, with home prices down, it's still frightfully expensive to those of us from the Midwest.
  • It's not the Christian values that permeate the society. Because they don't.
  • It's not because they enjoy the company of illegal aliens. We were told that the L.A. area contains perhaps 2 million of them.
It's simple. It is the weather. The weather was gorgeous. Southwest Michigan is lucky to get three days that gorgeous in a year; we got them on the three consecutive days we were there. (The fact that we got to enjoy them while driving a convertible without the kids was a definite plus.)

Yes, it's the weather. Definitely the weather.

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