Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Ironies of Freedom

A few days ago, some foolish "reporter" threw his shoes at President Bush during the president's visit to Baghdad. In his culture, this is a sign of contempt.

The man is now in custody, as he should be. He should be put through the justice system of the country and punished consistent with its legal codes. This will serve as a positive sign to his people that the government is capable of dealing with those who break the law in a fair and just manner.

Meanwhile, far-left elements in our country and many in the Arab world are hailing this moron as a hero. One Egyptian man has even offered his daughter in marriage to her (and the daughter reportedly looks forward to this). They see him as bold and courageous.

The irony is this: If he had done the same thing under Saddam Hussein—and keep in mind what man is most responsible for the downfall of his regime—he would now be dead...unless, of course, Saddam wasn't through torturing him yet. (Note: It wouldn't be the same sort of thing called "torture" at Guantanamo; this would be "real torture" that our president and vice-president would never approve.)

The irony continues: President Bush—the man who is most responsible for this moron's freedom—shows no anger at him. The man who provided the freedom is assailed by the man who benefited from the freedom; the assailant receives praise while the provider is, at best, ignored—and at worst, mocked.

Our president is a class act. Even if you disagree with his policies, please admit that truth.

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