Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Replacement: A Suggestion

Several years ago, I contemplated throwing my hat into the ring to run for the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by the retiring Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Then I realized I was only 29 and had no money or name recognition, so I scrapped that idea. Some former first lady ended up winning the seat; like me, she did not live in New York when she made her decision.

But now she doesn't want it anymore, and is resigning to take a cabinet position under the fellow that, last I checked, she couldn't stand. Politics make strange...um, maybe I should skip that...

However, I have heard that Gov. Paterson has narrowed down the field of replacements to twelve. I would like to suggest a thirteenth: ME. Back in 1999, I authored an open letter which included, in part, my qualifications for the seat. Here is a part of that letter:

"I am a New Yorker by birth; I spent one full year of my life as a citizen of that great city (my first year, by the way); I love upstate NY as well; I used to own an "I [heart] New York" T-shirt; and I have always been a fan of the greatest baseball team of all time-the New York Yankees. I feel that as a conservative Christian republican, I have a lot to offer the people of New York: integrity, character, direction, and a huge affinity for bona fide New York bagels. I can appeal to the Catholics (with a name like Matesevac, certainly); I can appeal to the Jews (see previous bagel comment combined with my knowledge of OT feasts); I can appeal to the diehard sports fans (see previous Yankees comment) .... I really AM a New Yorker; I really AM a Yankees fan; and I really do love a good bagel."

Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that the governor of New York will almost certainly nominate a democrat, which irritates me, as this shows a closed mind, discrimination, and unspeakable political bias. I was born in New York!

In the event that he changes his mind, I am available for the job at a moment's notice.

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Anonymous said...

And I think you would lend a large dose of humor that the Kennedys are sorely lacking!!! They're a little too stuffy (and liberal) for me!